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Happy Tail: An old cat gets a new start


When Deej Barens, New Westminster, BC, began looking for a condo to buy, her No. 1 priority was to find one that allowed cats because she had already spotted one she wanted to adopt that was listed on Petfinder by HomeFinders Animal Rescue Society in Vancouver, BC.

Senior cat Azlan

Read Azlan’s story in Deej’s words.

“When I saw his pictures on Petfinder, they just stole my heart, especially the one with his paw reaching toward the camera,” she says. It was as if the cat, Azlan, was beckoning to her. She decided to take him in as a foster, but recently she took the plunge and adopted him.

Deej has taken on a big task. Not only is Azlan a senior cat, he has only one eye and suffers from hyperthyroidism. The odds weren’t great that he would ever be adopted, so Deej is truly an angel to take this old fellow in.

“Every time Azlan wants some extra attention, he gently pats me with one of his paws,” she says. “I freely admit I spoil him, but after being a starving and matted street kitty, he deserves to be spoiled.”

Azlan means “lion,” and this cat purrs like one, Deej says. He is gentle and likes to cuddle up at the other end of her body pillow at night. He also likes to cuddle on the couch. Among other things, he has proved to be a great mood lifter.

She has to give him pills for his hyperthyroid condition — not an easy chore — and it is expensive. She recently told me, “I decided to bite the bullet and take out a credit line to pay for Azlan’s thyroid treatment.” She has also started a fundraiser to try to cure his ailment.

Deej hasn’t looked back. “Senior and special needs cats are worth taking a chance on,” she says.

We so agree!

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