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Happy Tail: A shy pup finds his soulmate


The pup was described as shy in his Petfinder description, but Nicole K. of Chicago noticed one thing in the photo that accompanied the description — his tail was blurry, which to her meant that it was wagging. “That sold me,” she says.


Read Bear’s story in Nicole’s words.

As a child, Nicole’s family had always had a dog, and now the day had come when she could adopt one on her own. She began her search and came across Wright-Way Rescue in Niles, IL. She made one attempt to adopt, but the particular pooch she was interested in had already been spoken for. So she kept an eye on the website — until she saw this shy dog the shelter had listed as Tank. He was coming to the rescue from Kentucky in two weeks, after he was thoroughly checked by a veterinarian. Nicole immediately contacted the shelter and told them she was interested in adopting Tank.

“Those two weeks felt like eternity,” Nicole says. “I had his photo as my phone wallpaper and fell in love over and over.”

Finally the big day arrived. “I was led to a little playpen at the rescue where they would bring me my boy,” she recalls. “As they placed him inside, it was obvious he was terrified.” A staff member started to remind Nicole that the pup was extremely shy but before the sentence was complete, the dog began jumping on Nicole and licking her “like crazy.”

The shelter staff couldn’t believe it and started yelling, “Come look! Tank came out of his shell!”

Nicole changed the pup’s name to Bear, and says, “My love for him exceeds any word I can think of.” But then one comes to her mind: soulmate. She and Bear were meant for one another.

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