Foster kittens bring cuteness

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I’ve long known the ups and downs of a litter of foster kittens. It’s largely a trade-off. In the beginning, you lose sleep for the warm satisfaction of knowing those bottles are filling hungry little bellies.

What an exhausting day!

Within a couple of weeks, you are losing time (lots and lots of time) cleaning up the incredible mess kittens make as they learn to eat the wet food gruel, but they are developing their personalities and every day you are rewarded with another glimpse into their development and  character traits.

It’s around 6 weeks of age that you start making the big trades: Shredded curtains and couch arms = entertainment by their silly antics. Being climbed up every time you open a can (cat food or not) = incredible photo opportunities when they are tossed a new toy. For every negative, there is a stronger positive.

My last litter was very special to me. They had such amazingly different personalities. First, I had the drama queen. Even her sleeping habits were a production:

You can see her doing a belly flop at the top of this post and here she is showing off that same belly!

stretching gray tabby cat

It’s not easy being a kitten!

Then there is the one who HAS to have all of your attention all the time. We all know this kitten. He climbs up your entire body, sits on your shoulder and meows as loudly as possible in your ear for no apparent reason. He also stares intently at everything you do:

Do you want to play with me NOW??





And then there is the slightly oblivious but very pretty kitten. My mother actually adopted this one, and he is still fine staring at anything that moves for hours on end, and not much else:


Those fish have provided many hours of entertainment.










It is a big commitment and can be frustrating and exhausting, but fostering a  litter of motherless kittens is always a completely satisfying experience for me. I have been doing this for 14 years and I can’t imagine I will ever stop. If you have considered fostering but you have reservations, please take a moment to view these 8 reasons why you CAN foster a pet. Many thanks to all of you fellow and future fosters!