We are coming together after Sandy

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Donations and volunteer assistance are helping lift Petfinder shelters and adoption groups out of the sand, mud and debris of Hurricane Sandy. It will be a long while before “normal” is reached.  Newsday reports on the difference volunteers are making for the shelter of Bobbi and the Strays. More help is needed for all animal welfare groups who were impacted by the storm.

German Shepherd mix looking at the camera

Alice is just one of the many pets who needs help after Sandy!

Below you will find information on all of the shelters we have reported on previously. Where updates were available from the organization, we have added them. If the group did not report back in or did not update their web pages, the original needs are listed.

With adoptions down and their communities still in need, the staff and volunteers of our Petfinder member shelters and adoption groups still need your help. Please assist however you can!


  • New London Animal Control was seriously damaged by a tree.  The shelter is still unusable. The animals are staying at  the Montville Shelter, and staff are temporarily using the city’s police substation on Truman Street as headquarters. TheDay.com provides an update after the storm. Staff are reporting on their progress and needs on Facebook.


New Jersey:

  • Woodbridge Animal Shelter reports that the first floor of their shelter flooded. Their pets were evacuated to the second floor.  To foster or provide other assistance, call the shelter at 732-726-7036 and leave a message. Updates on rebuilding and donations are available via Facebook.
  • Alley Cat Allies  (ACA) is assisting feral cat caretakers.  If you live in or near Atlantic City and want to help, please contact ACA at info@alleycat.org or 240-482-1980, ext. 330. ACA would also like to hear from any feral cat caretakers who need assistance after the hurricane. Updates are available on their Facebook page.
  • Abandoned Angels Rescue took 12 additional pets into their program from flooded areas and would appreciate donations for food and supplies to care for them. They are also accepting donations to redistribute in their region. Check out their Facebook page.
  • All About Animals NJ  lost cat food, dog food and cat litter to flooding. Due to power outages, they also lost vaccines and testing supplies.  Donations to replace these are appreciated. Updates are available via Facebook.
  • Animal Rescue R Us  lost crates, bedding, food and supplies due to flooding. They are in serious need of crates, and their requests are posted on their Facebook page.
  • Beacon Animal Rescue  evacuated their pets from the storm. The water has receded and power has been restored, so they have been safely returned.
  • Cape-Atlantic Citizens Altering the Strays (C.A.T.S). experienced flood damage to their thrift shop. Their kitten and cat rooms were inundated with water, mud and seaweed.  The cats and kittens have lost their cat trees and scratchers. All of the cats are safe in the second floor of their building, but donations will be needed to refurbish their facilities. They need volunteer help at the Mew To You Shoppe at 959 Asbury Ave.
  • Passaic Animal Shelter lost power during the storm. Vaccines and supplies that require refrigeration were lost.
  • Big East Aikita Rescue (BEAR)  had some very scary hours when flooding reached one of their main foster homes, filling the first floor with water and driving them to the second floor with 12 dogs.  After assistance from other organizations and individuals, they are now safe, but donations will help with replacement of vital equipment and supplies. Updates are available on Facebook.
  • Nice Dog Rescue  is in an area of New Jersey that experienced extensive flooding. One person is caring for six foster dogs. Pat Klaus could use some volunteer or fostering help.  They also had fencing knocked down by the storm.
  • Atlantic County Animal Shelter reports that flooding came right up to the door but remained outside. Their animals are safe and well.
  • Cape May Co. Animal Shelter (CMCAS)  Staff remained at the shelter throughout the storm. Luckily they were not flooded and did not lose power, however they need to find homes for cats, so consider adopting a hurricane kitty of your very own! They are also on Facebook
  • The Humane Society of Atlantic County  was not as lucky and experienced serious flooding. They report that “much of the cleaning is done and we are rebuilding some of the counters that were destroyed. We have power, heat, water for washing (not drinking though) and lots of friends. At this point [we] estimate the HSAC had about $100,000 loss in supplies, equipment, and business.” They are now open. Financial support and Lowe’s/Home Depot cards are still needed. They are helping to redistribute pet aid to their community. You can find this update and more on their Facebook page. Monetary donations can be accepted via their web page
  • The Humane Society of Ocean City  suffered minor damage from Hurricane Sandy. The structure is sound. All of the animals are safe. They are asking for donations of laundry soap, bleach, canned cat foot, 33 gallon trash bags, and towels, as these were the most used items during the storm. They would appreciate monetary donations as well. Anyone with pets in need of food can come into the Humane Society of Ocean City to receive assistance in feeding their animals. Their hours are 11am-3pm 7 days a week. Updates are available via Facebook.
  • Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter is up and running again. The shelter still needs funds to replace vaccines, and gift cards to purchase food for the animals would be particularly appreciated. You can donate via their web page  and receive updates by way of their Facebook page. Their wishlist can be found here.
  •  Somerset Regional Animal Shelter  had power restored on November 4. Their Friends of Somerset Regional Animal Shelter is posting the shelter’s needs on their Facebook page.
  • St. Huberts Animal Welfare Center’s had their power restored of November 9. They are accepting donations to redistribute aid in their region. They also need 30-40 gallon plastic “Rubbermaid” type tubs to keep redistributed donations dry and transportable. Updates can be found on their Facebook page.
  • Byram Animal Rescue (BARKS)  experienced minor damage to buildings due to flooding and an extended power outage. Donations are appreciated.
  • H.E.A.L.S suffered from flooding and power outages. They lost medications, blankets, and towels in the flooding. Please consider donating new towels etc, and monetary donations would be appreciated to replace medications.
  • Jersey Animal Coalition had power restored on November 6. They still need volunteers and foster homes. Updates are being posted on the fan page on Facebook
  • Liberty Humane Society has had their power restored but they still need volunteers to help! You can find updates via their web site and on their Facebook page.
  • North Jersey Guinea Pig and Hamster Rescue, Inc. has finally had their power returned. They are very low on pet bedding (Carefresh, aspen and pine bedding) as well as guinea pig/hamster food and timothy hay.
  • Save Us Dog Rescue experienced an extended power outage.
  • Seer Farms was not damaged due to the storm, however the group is assisting the statewide emergency animal response team by housing animals who have been rescued from homes that were evacuated. Seer Farms estimates that they will provide shelter and care to an additional 300 pets during this time. They would appreciate donations to help cover the care of those pets. Updates can be found on their Facebook page.
  • Associated Humane Societies, Popcorn Park, sustained minor damage in Hurricane Sandy. Their power was recently restored, and they are assisting in rescuing pets that were left behind in the hard hit areas. They are in need of supplies for the temporary animal shelters that have been set up.  They are collecting donations at all three of their shelters in Forked River, Newark and Tinton Falls. Their needs include pet food, blankets, towels and cleaning supplies.
  • The Husky House  The fence in their play yard for their rescue dogs was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.  Updates are posted on their Facebook page.
  • The Save The Animals Rescue Team II  was hit hard. The shelter has property damage and lost power for 10 days. The shelter’s dogs were boarded at a Ridgefield Park kennel, and the 59 cats were fostered with volunteers. The group also had to evacuate cats it keeps at PetSmart stores that lost power.
  • The Bergen County Animal Shelter  in Teterboro, was powerless for a week. It reopened Tuesday for adoptions. 300 cats and 60 dogs were cared for during the outage .

New York:

  • Buddy’s Precious Angels Sanctuary had a tree come down on an empty kennel. They are still working on repairs and are reporting via Facebook.
  • Amber’s Angels Rescue  suffered fence damage due to a tree falling. Their animals are safe.
  • Rescue Ink’s Long Beach Animal Shelter received serious water and wind damage. The building still stands and their pets are safe, but they need to replace supplies and refurbish the shelter. As of Tuesday 11/13, they had raised $15,368 to help rebuild the shelter. See their progress on Facebook.
  • Horton’s Home, a very small cat rescue in Amityville, NY, was forced to evacuate. They sheltered in an office with three rescue cats and two pet cats The group also supports a colony of 5 other cats. One of their street cats was injured in the storm. Neighborhood Cats provided funding to get him to the veterinarian and Orange Kitty is recovering well! You can follow their progress on Facebook.
  • New York City Animal Care and Control reports that the Bronx and Queens Pet Receiving Center, Staten Island, Manhattan and Brooklyn locations are open. Adoptions are taking place. Field Operations is operating normally. If you are considering surrendering your pet, please call the Pets for Life hotline at (917) 468-2938. They ask that you check their web page and Facebook for their most recent updates.
  • The Poor Animals of St. Francis Inc.  lost privacy fencing to Sandy’s wrath.
  • Animal Haven had their power restored on November 2.  You can follow their progress and find a link to donate via their Facebook page.
  • Pets Alive suffered minimal damage their facilities. Pet’s Alive accepted cats and kittens from the overburdened New York City Animal Care and Control. Donations to Pets Alive to help care for these cats would be appreciated. Update can be found on Facebook.
  • New Rochelle Humane Society had power restored on November 3. They are currently fundraising for a generator to weather future storms. Updates are available via Facebook.
  • All About Spay Neuter was flooded during the storm. They have found a new location, and need help setting it up. They are requesting donations to replace all of their supplies, cat litter, pet food and such that were lost. They are updating their Facebook page regularly if you can help!
  • Anarchy Animal Rescue is helping to care for left-behind pets in Staten Island. They need donations for food to care for the animals. Donations can be made via their web page and updates are available on their Facebook page.
  • A Home at Last Animal Adoption Network is a home-based rescue group that experienced significant flooding due to Sandy. All of the rescue’s cat litter and cat food as well as all the cat beds, toys and climbing trees were lost. Donations of those items or funds to replace them would be appreciated.
  • NYC Rescued Kitties suffered property damage and loss of cat food and equipment. Updates are available via their Facebook page.
  • Spay Neuter Intervention Project (SNIP)  is seeking donations to feed spay/neutered feral cats who were previously being fed by the businesses and industries that hosted them, but now are going unfed because many businesses are temporarily closed.
  • STAR Foundation has many downed trees that damaged fences  and an outdoor flight pen used to house outdoor birds.  They would appreciate donations to help repair the flight pen, which is the home of their permanent resident owls. You can learn more about them via their web page.
  • Tails of Love Animal Rescue‘s facility was still without power or heat on November 8. Their outdoor kennels and shelter roof were damaged during the storm. They are in need of supplies for the 60 dogs currently in their care, including dog food, blankets, a generator, gas for the generator and food bowls. Updates, photos and information on donating are on their Facebook page.
  • Bobbi and the Strays has evacuated their animals. Their facility was deluged by four feet of water and their fuel tank spilled. They must replace all of their supplies and equipment, including cat trees and bedding, and arrange for professional clean-up of the fuel accident. Volunteers are needed! Updates and a link to donate can be found on their Facebook page.
  • Long Island Bulldog Rescue has foster homes that are suffering from hurricane damage, so they are seeking new foster homes to safeguard their dogs. They can be reached at Bulldogrescue1@aol.com.
  • Sean Casey Animal Rescue  has taken in 50 pets since the hurricane, and expects to shelter another 30. The group requests that people interested in adopting a pet visit their shelter at 153 E. Third Street, Brooklyn. They need space to shelter animals who will be returned to their owners, and new animals arriving every day.  Sean Casey reports via regular updates on their Facebook page.


  • Lucky Cat Rescue captured a number of feral cats before the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, to protect them from the storm. They need funds to help spay/neuter the cats and homes to place their existing adoptable pets as well as the new kittens they have rescued.


  • All Dogs’ Heaven Rescue suffered kennel damage when five trees fell on their property and they experienced an extended power outage. Updates, photos and a donation link can be found on their web page.


  • Barn Cat Buddies  is expanding their network of outdoor cat shelters to provide warm, safe hiding places for spay/neutered feral cats in storms like Hurricane Sandy. They need to purchase a large number of Rubbermaid-type tubs, sheet insulation and straw to be prepared for future storms.
  • The Commonwealth Humane Society delivered donations from their appeal last week and they are coordinating further aid. Contact them to donate supplies today. Tax-deductible donations can also be made via their web site. Please mark your donation “For the Animals in New York.” Anyone seeking more information may call Chris Haslam directly at 703.568.3600.

West Virginia:

Ontario, Canada:

  • Freedom Valley Horse Rescue in Ontario, Canada was yet another organization who felt the impact of falling trees. A tree brought down some fencing and five of their horses went running down the road. They have been brought safely home after their dangerous adventure.  “The horses were happy to see us. They were lost and needed direction,” stated staffer Christine Welch, when she reported in to Petfinder.