This Thanksgiving I am a little more thankful than usual

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Like many others,  this is the time of year when I think about all that I am thankful for. A wonderful son, check. An excellent job, check. A new husband that I adore, double check! But, this year it’s not just the normal go around of being thankful for everything that makes me smile. This year I am also sad to be spending what is surely the last holiday season with my old cat Cozy.

two black and white tuxedo cats

Cozy posed with his “mini-me” foster.

Cozy is 15, which isn’t terribly old, but he has had medical problems all of his life and that has certainly taken a toll on him. I adopted Cozy many years ago from animal control when he was a six-month-old, mostly black feral with a chronic upper respiratory infection (learn more about feline upper respiratory infections here). Since then, he has moved four times with me, had his thyroid removed (where he bit the vet the next day and hid under a bank of kennels, hiding from the staff for hours as they searched for him), has comforted me through many heartbreaks, and entertained me endlessly with his crazy antics. One of my favorite stories is when he bonded with a foster kitten I had who looked exactly like him. It was like seeing double whenever I looked at him!

It only took him about a year to warm up to loving me, and after about 10 years he gave up on being feral altogether and turned into a snugglebug with everyone he met. He has numerous medical issues which the vet and I have decided would be too traumatic and dangerous to attempt to cure, so we are treating his symptoms and ensuring he is happy and healthy and completely comfortable. Everyday I am thankful that I walked into that shelter and took one of the cats no one would ever want, and in return he has paid me back with unmatched love and comfort. This Thanksgiving, I will be giving extra appreciation (in both love and turkey form) to Cozy, who will always have a special place in my heart.

Tuxedo cat

I took this picture of Cozy this past August.