Shelters still struggle one week after Hurricane Sandy

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The Petfinder Shelter Outreach Team continues to report on Petfinder member organizations in need of assistance. Read earlier updates with more updates from last week on Tuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayFriday and Saturday.

Biscotti is one of the pets at STAR, which will need help recovering from Hurricane Sandy

IFAW Animal Search and Rescue teams  are on the ground in New Jersey with their rescue vehicle donated by the  Petfinder Foundation. They are posting rescue updates on their web site . Check out their story of Peanut, a little Shitz Tzu who survived being trapped in a home with water that was over his head.

Many shelters and rescue groups are still struggling with lack of electrical power, mud from flooding, and fallen branches and trees. Other groups, undamaged by the storm, are reaching out to take additional homeless pets from shelters and adoption groups who are in need. Please read through the new groups below who have checked in with us, and consider donating or volunteering a few hours to assist them.

As organizations finally have a chance to check their email, more are checking in:

New Jersey:

  • Byram Animal Rescue (BARKS)  experienced minor damage to buildings due to flooding. They have been without power for several days. They are looking for donations to purchase a generator to provide power to their cat building.
  • H.E.A.L.S suffered from flooding and power outages. They lost medications, blankets, and towels in the flooding. Please consider donating new towels etc, and monetary donations would be appreciated to replace medications.
  • Seer Farms was not damaged due to the storm, however the group is assisting the statewide emergency animal response team by housing animals who have been rescued from homes that were evacuated. Seer Farms estimates that they will provide shelter and care to an additional 300 pets during this time. They would appreciate donations to help cover the care of those pets. Updates can be found on their Facebook page.
  • Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter (previously listed) still needs funds to replace vaccines, and  says that gift cards to purchase food for the animals would be particularly.

New York:

  • All About Spay Neuter was flooded during the storm. It may be 8-10 months before they can rebuild. They are requesting donations to replace all of their supplies,  cat litter, pet food and such that were lost, as well as to pay rent and utilities on a new space and moving expenses. They are updating their Facebook page regularly.
  • A Home at Last Animal Adoption Network is a home-based rescue group that experienced significant flooding due to Sandy. All of the rescue’s cat litter and cat food as well as all the cat beds, toys and climbing trees were lost. Donations of those items or funds to replace them would be appreciated.
  • Spay Neuter Intervention Project (SNIP)  is seeking donations to feed spay/neutered feral cats who were previously being fed by the businesses and industries that hosted them, but now are going unfed because many businesses are temporarily closed.
  • STAR Foundation has many downed trees that damaged fences  and an outdoor flight pen used to house outdoor birds.  They would appreciate donations to help repair the flight pen, which is the home of their permanent resident owls. You can learn more about them via their web page.
  • Tails of Love Animal Rescue‘s facility is still without power or heat, and their outdoor kennels and shelter roof were damaged during the storm. They are in need of supplies for the 60 dogs currently in their care, including dog food, blankets, a generator, gas for the generator and food bowls. Updates, photos and information on donating are on their Facebook page.