Romeo’s high speed wake up tactic

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This morning, Pugsley and I were up and at ’em early. He was chasing me around the house and then I would chase him. We took the party upstairs and used the staff’s bed as part of the course. I jumped on the bed and ran across the staff’s legs. Pugsley ran after me. Then, I stopped and batted at the blanket and Pugsely yeowled. Then, we both flew off the bed and wrestled on the floor for a bit.

Two Persian cats playing

I was winning!

The staff peeked over the side of the bed and said, “What are you boys doing?!” We stopped, looked at her and ran out of the room as fast as we could and back down the stairs. Then, back up the stairs. Then, back into the bedroom.

At that point, the staff was heaving herself out of bed for the day and BREAKFAST was on the way!

Then, I took a nap.

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