Romeo shares his hairy wake up tactic

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A cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do.

When considering what method I will use to obtain BREAKFAST each morning, I have to assess the situation and make use of the environment. This makes things interesting for me and keeps the staff guessing.

This morning I noticed that the staff’s hair was beautifully fanned out across her pillow.

I tip-pawed up the bed to the pillow and sat down on the edge of her hair.

She moved and her hair moved with her.

I sat up and moved a little closer.

She didn’t budge.

Finally, I got up and moved as close as I could to her scalp. I sat down, making sure the hair was pulled taut and anchored underneath my furry derriere.

She finally opened her eyes, while grabbing her hair at the same time. “OWWWWW! Romeo! What the….??”

I just looked at her with my most innocent look and said, “Meow?”

She just sighed, unceremoniously pushed me off her hair and proceeded to start the morning’s activities, which involved delicious BREAKFAST in my bowl.


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