Prepare for polling with some politically-named pets


I don’t know about all of you, but my personal Twitter and Facebook feeds have been full of friends’ political posts. Some are well-researched and full of serious thought, others are somewhat less so. It’s almost enough to make a person never want to hear the names of politicians again.

Brown rabbit

Mr. President is appropriately named.

But then, I thought of a way to get over that — cute adoptable Petfinder pets. I’ve always loved being able to look up pets by species, breed, age, location, size and even behavioral characteristics such as housetraining, special needs and if the pet gets along with other pets. I also recently found that I can look up pets by name. I’ve already looked up pets with the same name as my brother, sister, mom, dad, best friends and boyfriend. Politicians were a sensible next step at the end of the election season.

Feast your eyes on adorable adoptables named for the major presidential candidates!

Check out one of the pets named Obama:


And here is one of the pets named Mitt:

white and black cat looking at the camera

Mitts is a sweet cat looking for a home.

And not to leave out the third party candidates I also checked out the pets named Jill,

black and white dog looking at the camera

We wonder if adoptable Jill is living a “green” life like her candidate.

those named Rocky

brown rabbit

Rocky might be an independent rabbit, but he needs a loving adoptive home.

and those named Gary:

black and white cat

We hope Gary finds someone free to love him.

Finally, the name that unites a diverse crowd of citizens, one of the pets named America:

black and white pit bull

America the beautiful is certainly an apt song for this gorgeous dog.