Post Sandy: Staying warm, powered and fed wasn’t easy

Cat on a bed

Doesn’t Splinter look comfortable?

The last couple of weeks have not been pleasant. We were without power and heat for seven days, had to throw out the entire contents of our fridge and freezer, waited on long lines for gasoline, made calls to FEMA, walked around downed power lines to reach the polling station, drank a lot of shelf-stable milk, and are now digging out from a few inches of snow on top of everything. We wound up temporarily moving to a family member’s house that had a fireplace to keep warm. Then, fortunately, they regained power a day after that. We were lucky enough to be able to move back into our home, but there are still many without power, including almost a third of our town.

Ask our cat Splinter, though, and she’d never know the difference. She travelled in a heated car to our temporary home, and with what little power we had in our battery backup that we were using to charge our cell phones, we kept Splinter warm with a low energy heating pad stuffed under her favorite blanket. Her food was still dispensed every six hours through the battery powered automatic feeder, and she had plenty of canned cat food, treats, and toys.

We’re still getting used to the new normal, and hope that your animals are safe and warm like our Splinter.