Petfinder helped me assist a grieving friend.

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This summer, my family vacation to Los Angeles afforded me the opportunity to reconnect with a dear college friend named Rudy. Although it had been nearly two decades since we had last seen each other, we hit it off as though it was only yesterday. Our lives cannot be any more different at face value. While I am now a wife and mother of three children living on the East Coast, Rudy is living the single life of a bachelor in LA. There was, however, something we both could relate to.

Beautiful cat

Lucky is helping my friend heal.

Rudy called me one night feeling very upset. He told me that he had been on a waiting list to adopt a cat, but was denied. This let down came subsequent to losing his cat “Sunset” in the Spring due to his battle with cancer. I initially felt that I could not relate to Rudy’s disappointment and grief. It wasn’t until he mentioned that Sunset had been in his life for 15 years that I realized we had a common thread. Although I presently do not have a pet, I can empathize with losing someone you love and mourning a loss.

The next morning, Rudy stayed on my mind. I felt helpless and didn’t know what I could do to help him. It quickly dawned on me that I was in a position to help more that I had thought. Although it had been only a few weeks since I worked for Petfinder, I had the access to resources that could potentially help Rudy to become a pet parent to another cat. I contacted him and gave him the link to

As the interim manager of business relations, I work with sponsors who go the extra mile to help raise awareness from donating to various shelters to supporting adoption option events. It makes a difference when what you do in your career can help those you love. I continued touching base with Rudy to check on his progress finding an adoptable pet. I am happy to report that he is the proud pet parent of a new cat named “Lucky”!

Pale orange cat

Sunset gave my friend years of love. He will never be forgotten.