Oliver the cat thinks he’s a … chinchilla!

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Back and naughtier than ever, little Oliver would like to share with you that sometimes he thinks he’s a chinchilla!

Oliver with collar

Oliver just loves fresh kitty litter!

Much like his adorable, South American rodent friends, Oliver likes to take dust baths. But unlike chinchilla’s, Oliver likes to roll in fresh kitty litter as opposed to the specially made dust that is bought for pet chinchillas.

And just like his great skills at fetch, Oliver just started doing rolling in fresh kitty litter one day and has never stopped. He never looks happier than on the first day of every month when I dump all the litter boxes, scrub them and refill them with all new kitty litter. He goes from box to box and just rolls and rolls and rolls…

For Oliver, the best size litter box is a big one (all the more room to roll in!), but if you were wondering what the best size or type of litter box would be best for your cat, check out our Litter Box 101 section.

I hope you enjoyed this little series about my cat – the strange and wonderful, Oliver!