Hurricane Sandy brings an early winter to shelters

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Petfinder’s shelter outreach team has been busy checking in with our member shelters and rescues to assess the damages and help that’s needed. Check out earlier reports from Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday.

Deep snow has fallen in parts of Tennessee, Ohio. West Virginia and Maryland. With the snow comes new problems:  falling branches, an overburdened roof, the need to clear sidewalks and parking lots all in addition to worries about the safety of staff, volunteers, and visitors as they travel to care for and adopt homeless pets.

If you are in an area that received snow from the storm, and you are safe and have your own snow needs under control, you can help shelters and adoption groups who may be overwhelmed by the additional snowy responsibilities of Hurricane Sandy.

Large animals also need help!

Rescue groups who handle large animals might appreciate your help walking their fence line, making sure enclosures are still secure. If you take on this responsibility, avoid walking under trees that may be weakened, especially if the wind is still blowing.

You can help shelters clear snow and ice. Even if the basic work has been done, there is always help needed to clean up around trash receptacles, etc. Ice melter that is safe for pets is a great donation.

If the power is down, offer to take laundry to a working commercial laundry service or to your own home to wash. Ask the shelter for their laundry protocol. They may need you to use bleach or other disinfectants.

Clean used towels and linens are always appreciated — even when skies are blue! If you are delivering large blankets, bring along a pair of good scissors, in case the blankets would be of more use to the shelter in smaller pieces.

The following Petfinder members reported their needs late yesterday and this morning. Can you help?

Ontario, Canada:

  • Freedom Valley Horse Rescue in Ontario, Canada was yet another organization who felt the impact of falling trees. A tree brought down some fencing and five of their horses went running down the road. They have been brought safely home after their dangerous adventure.  “The horses were happy to see us. They were lost and needed direction,” stated staffer Christine Welch, when she reported in to Petfinder.

New Jersey:

  • Big East Aikita Rescue (BEAR)  had some very scary hours when flooding reached one of their main foster homes, filling the first floor with water and driving them to the second floor with 12 dogs.  After assistance from other organizations and individuals, they are now safe, but donations will help with replacement of vital equipment and supplies.
  • Nice Dog Rescue  is in an area of New Jersey that experienced extensive flooding. One person is caring for six foster dogs. Pat Klaus could use some volunteer or fostering help.  They also had fencing knocked down by the storm.

New York: