How do I know winter is approaching?

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My very vocal, very large and very blind cat, Homer, manages to sense the changing of the seasons before I do. To minimize imagination use (and for your viewing pleasure) here is typical Homer:

Homer normally is pretty alert.

Handsome, eh? So, I managed to go all day Sunday without noticing the time change, aside from being confused by the clock on the microwave telling me that time was passing very quickly since I last looked at my cell phone. Homer tends to always appear as though he is on patrol, ruling the house – in complete control to ensure nothing goes terribly wrong (such as the dog eating out his bowl or coming too close to one of his beloved jingly mouse toys). It was getting cold and dark out, and my usually playful 2-year-old cat was looking bored out of his mind.

Homer was feeling very lazy!

He remained this way for hours, with nothing but an occasional loud sigh to remind us he was in the room. Shortly thereafter, I realized Daylight Savings Time ended that morning, there was a nor’easter on the way, and it was high time I lit the pilot light on my furnace because the temperature was looking to plummet.

It seems, by looking at the sad little kitty above, Homer sensed all this, and got himself all settled into Lazy Mode for the winter.

Good ‘ol Homer. How would I judge the seasons without him??