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Happy Tail: Roxy was ready to go to her new home


“Crushed like a grape” is how Sue Thompson of Black River Falls, WI, described her feeling when the listing for Roxy, a dog she’d been watching on the Petfinder website, disappeared.

Roxy's happy tail

Read Roxy’s story in Sue’s words.

Every since her Shih Tzu, Annie, had succumbed to kidney failure, Sue had been browsing on Petfinder without much intention to adopt; her grief was still too raw. But she couldn’t resist looking. She knew her husband wasn’t eager to bring another dog into the family because of how devastated Sue had become when Annie died. Besides, they had an English Bulldog, Princess, and he wasn’t sure they needed another.

But for months, Sue kept browsing on Petfinder. Then in July this year, “I happened to be looking at the website and this time I just plugged in ‘dog’ and nothing specific like size,” she says. Up came Roxy’s photo. “She was at the Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter [in Tomah, WI] and right away it was like heaven. Oh, it was love at first sight.”

She didn’t tell her family about Roxy; she just kept looking at the dog on Petfinder. And then there came that day when Roxy’s photo was gone. Her heart fell into the pits, and she could feel the old pain coming back. About a week later, she looked at the Chasing Daylight website and found Roxy had been re-listed.

“I got excited,” Sue says, and that night she showed the family Roxy’s picture and description. They became enthusiastic, too, and decided to go and meet the pooch. They returned to the shelter a second time to see if Princess got along with Roxy.

“The whole entire time that Princess and Roxy were together they didn’t once make a peep, walked together great and seemed like they were meant to be,” she says. And Roxy herself, who the vet says is mostly Boxer, seemed to know it was a match because she kept going to the door as if she was ready to go home -to her new forever home with the Thompsons.

And that’s where she is today, basking in the pleasure of a family.

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