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Happy Tail: A couple is thankful for their senior cat


Chewy’s past is a mystery. He was living on the streets for who knows how long. He had a bacterial infection, a severe skin fungus, an improperly healed jaw from having been broken at some time in the past, numerous missing or infected teeth and nerve damage that left him with a strange gait.

Chewy's happy tail

Read this story in Tricia’s own words.

The mystery is how did he survive because, on top of all those problems, the underweight Persian cat was declawed and blind. How could he have defended himself?

Life took a slight turn for the better when someone brought him to Adams County Animal Control, Brighton, CO, and the staff listed him on Petfinder. He didn’t catch anyone’s attention right away, but eventually when Tricia Corneau of Golden, CO, saw this Persian listed on the Adams County site week after week, she couldn’t help but wonder why he hadn’t been adopted.

“I told my husband we needed to see this baby,” she says. When they met Chewy, their hearts went out to him and they adopted him.

“We conquered the infections and fungus,” she says, but some of his conditions were irremediable. “Chewy became our vet’s favorite survivor story, and although she didn’t think he would make it in the beginning due to his extreme health issues, he is a happy, healthy, boy who beat the odds, who loves his family more than any animal could.”

He’s about 13 now, but “he lives every day as though he’s a young man,” she says. “Anyone who comes in our house would never know that he is blind being that he maneuvers the house as well as our sighted pets.”

As with so many rescued pets, Chewy seems to know how lucky he is to have found a loving home. “He is so appreciative of everything we do for him and lets us know all the time with all of the kisses he gives.”

This cat is an inspiration with “his courageous, nothing-can-conquer-me spirit, and his ability to still give so much love and trust when so many failed him in the beginning of his life,” Tricia says.

In other words, he’s a gift.

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