Give a mutt a chance!

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Cinnamon showed me true unconditional love. He is a big part of why I am such a dog lover today.

Husky mix standing in the snow

Cinnamon was a handsome boy even well into his golden years.

Cinnamon was a beautiful Husky mix. We added him to our family when I was five years old and he lived until after I graduated from college.

His striking looks and large size made him intimidating for some, which is still comical to me since he was one of the gentlest dogs I’ve ever met.

He exhibited all of the traits that make dogs such wonderful companions and great for families. He is also a perfect ambassador to show people that although he wasn’t a purebred, he was beautiful, and extremely healthy for the 17 years I had with him.

Please consider giving a mixed breed dog a chance. Some even say that mixed-breed dogs tend to have fewer breed-specific health problems than purebreds, plus they offer just as much if not more than a dog fitting a breed standard. Plus, they are unique. You may have a dog unlike anyone else and that’s pretty neat.