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Beware of holiday dangers


In honor of the upcoming holidays, our partner, PetFirst has contributed a post to help you protect your pet from the dangers that come with those holidays. Enjoy and protect your pet!

brown and white pit bull dog

We hope whoever adopts Teddy gives him a safe and happy holiday season.

‘Tis the season for ribbons and bows, turkey bones and mistletoe! While the holidays bring with them the joys of family, food, decorations and travel, these same things that bring us joy can bring dangers for our beloved pets. Drastically changing a pet’s environment can cause anxiety, delicious foods also bring about irresistible smells when their remnants are discarded, and decorations can entice pets with the promise of a new play thing.

At PetFirst, we’ve seen a few claims in our day from holiday specific accidents, and we want to do our part to help you be an informed pet parent and make sure that your loved one stays safe through the holiday celebrations!

Decorations, although fun and festive, can pose a risk for pets. Many cat parents learn quickly that sparkly, stringy tinsel is irresistible to their sweet and playful pets. Likewise, glittery ornaments are equally as enticing. Curious pooches may want to try gnawing on some low hanging holly or mistletoe, or even chew through some ribbon on gifts for friends or family. It’s important to keep these items away from your pet to keep them healthy this holiday season. Even if your pet is normally not the curious type, if you plan on doing a lot of traveling the anxiety caused from your absence can drive normally well-behaved pets to get into things they typically wouldn’t. Tinsel and ribbons can be accidentally ingested and require surgical removal, breakable ornaments can cut paws if knocked out of the tree, and many holiday plants are toxic to pets  and could cause a last minute (and expensive) trip to the emergency vet.

All of the wonderful smelling holiday food can also pose a risk to pets. New smells coming from that turkey bone in the trash can or the chocolate bon-bons sitting on the counter can cause some serious health issues in Fido. Bones can splinter if chewed on and foods like onions, chocolate, garlic and grapes can cause toxicity reactions in dogs. Additionally, table scraps or drippings can cause illness in the form of gastritis if slipped to your pet at the table or after a meal.

If you think that your pet may have got hold of something that they shouldn’t have, keep an eye out for symptoms like lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, or just out of the ordinary behavior. Call your vet with your pet’s symptoms and let them know what you think they may have gotten into. Keep a close eye on your pet and notify your vet in regards to any changes in their condition.

Policies from PetFirst can provide coverage for your pet through the holiday season and beyond! Our customizable Standard plans start at around $20 monthly to cover your pet for accidents and illnesses. Our Lifetime policies even provide coverage for chronic conditions with no per incident limit! The holidays are a wonderful time to love and cherish your friends and family. This season, show your pet you love them by keeping them safe through the holidays and stuffing their stocking with a policy for PetFirst!

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