You can affect animal welfare in less than 10 minutes

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I’ve spent the last 30 years working in Animal Welfare. I’ve been a kennel worker, a humane educator, a cruelty investigator and an administrator. No matter what the job in animal welfare, we crave the knowledge that comes from good data. This knowledge helps us craft and develop focused and impactful programs.

German Shepard lying on a bed

Jake likes to survey things in comfort

In fact, one of my favorite signs of the advances in animal welfare in the last decade is the increasing body of research in our field. Certainly, for years, dedicated people made great strides working by the seat of their pants — using their passion and their gut to guide our field toward humane treatment of animals. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that we started gaining more global interest from researchers and that our organizations began developing data-driven programs.

When Tufts University launched a master’s program in Masters of Science in Animals and Public Policy we in the industry knew our world was changing. We were becoming an industry. Now, there is more evidence of this with more master’s programs, attention from public health university programs, and at least five veterinary schools having a formal “shelter medicine” track and even more with recognized student chapters focused on shelter veterinary medicine.

Data from surveys can be beneficial in several ways. They help us tweak our current programs so they are more impactful or can be run more efficiently. They can also help us in the industry (from shelters, pet companies to communities) create new programs that benefit pets and their owners.

We work with a non-profit organization that is conducting market research to help pets on a community level. Your input matters and can help make a difference in our approach to helping people and pets. Please take a few minutes to help shape the future of animal welfare by taking this short pet-care survey.

We appreciate your taking the time to share your experiences with us to make this a better world for the pets we love so much.