Tucker found the perfect place to catch a few z-z-z-s


Every dog has his day, even my dog, Tucker. When we bought a Honda Civic Hybrid, Tucker (also a hybrid – not a purebred) immediately took to it. The armrest on the back door was the perfect fit for his long, German Shepherd nose, holding it securely while he slept (which is primarily what he does when we take rides. He enthusiastically leaps into the car and settles down for a nap).

Tucker Banks

Tucker loved using his nose holder on long rides.

I took a photo of Tucker with his nose in its “holder” and sent it to Honda, extolling this fine feature they had included in their vehicles. They posted it on their Facebook page, calling the nose holder “a standard feature in all Civics” and sent Tucker a gift certificate for Petsmart, which he loved about as much as his nose holder. Tucker had his 15 minutes of fame.

Tucker in Prius

Tucker enjoys the view.

We loved our Civic, but the miles had piled up and we needed to upgrade to a car with lower mileage. Because we always buy used cars, we are deficient in the brand-loyalty department. The next used hybrid we purchased, was a Toyota Prius. Unfortunately it doesn’t have such a great nose holder – but, in its favor, it does have a nice dog window at the rear of the car, right at Tucker’s eye level.