Romeo’s pillowtastic wake up tactic

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You can run, but you can’t hide.


This morning I started my day as I typically do.

I looked at the slumbering female staff and MEOW. MEOW. MEOW. MEOW. MEOW. MEOW.  She rolled over.

I went to the other side of her head and MEOW. MEOW. MEOW. MEOW. MEOW.

Again, she rolled over to try to escape me.

You cannot escape Romeo on a BREAKFAST mission. (She should know this).

Now this is where it got interesting.

Staff is not super smart so she put the pillow on top of her head to try to get away from me.

I climbed on top of the pillow, on top of her head, leaned over and meowed right into the crevice between the pillow and her face. She was trapped!

Incessant meowing + hot cat breath + limited fresh air = swiftly served BREAKFAST.


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