Oliver thinks he’s a … vampire!

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Oliver would like to wish everyone a very happy (and safe) Halloween!

Bat Ears!

Oliver has the bat ears of a vampire!

My little Oliver, ever since we got him as a tiny kitten, has had an affinity for “making biscuits,” a kneading behavior that many cats perform when they are very content. This is a trait started in kittenhood as a nursing behavior and many cats will knead their owners, who often recognize this as a sign of affection.

My other cats, Helen, Guinness and Jasmine Sassylashes all “make biscuits” on fuzzy fleece or soft cotton t-shirts, but Oliver is a little different … he is a vampire!

Oliver likes to lick and “make biscuits” on skin, particularly on my neck! He always did this, ever since we adopted him and he never ever “makes biscuits” on any other type of material. Oliver isn’t really a vampire though, what Oliver is actually doing is called pica.

Pica is a habit that involves cats eating or sucking on inappropriate materials such as dirt, leather, house plants, plastic bags, and even wool. Jasmine Sassylashes likes to suck on cotton t-shirts, but does not ingest any of the material, so her habit is not dangerous. Helen likes to nosh on plastic bags, so her pica can be dangerous, and we make sure to conceal anything plastic-y that she might be tempted to snack on.  So please be alert if your cat has the pica habit!

Oliver’s pica is cute and endearing since I interpret his behaviors as affectionate, but his tongue is so rough so thankfully he only does his “vampire kitty” act at night before bed! We have our little ritual where he jumps into the bed after me, hops onto my chest and waits for me to cover him with the blanket before he begins his vampire activities. I keep his nails trimmed and in return I get to snuggle with my spooky little kitty in a very unique way every night.

I hope your pet showers you with affection this Halloween — and every night!