Lily the Dachshund wants a cat so much!

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My Dachshund, Lily, is a social butterfly. She loves everyone she meets. People are great and animals are even better in her mind. I’m convinced it’s actually Lily’s dream to have a kitten of her very own.

Lily with kitten

Lily loved the new kitten. The kitten was soaked from Lily licking so much!

A few months ago a former co-worker called me and said she found a kitten on the side of the road and she didn’t know what to do with it. Of course my response was for her to bring the kitten over and I would find a place to take her where she would be safe.

Not surprisingly, Lily loved the kitten immediately. Lily licked the kitten until she was soaked. I separated them for periods throughout the first day to give the kitten a break, and Lily would just lay outside of the room where I was keeping the kitten, waiting for her chance to get back to licking.

I wasn’t quite ready then to take on the responsibility of a new pet, and I wasn’t convinced Lily truly was either. So, with the help of a friend that owns Faraway Kennels (a local boarding kennel where I used to work), the kitten found a new forever home. I think Lily is still longing for a kitten of her very own.

This winter, I plan to become an official foster with a local shelter, which will coincide with Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays. I think Lily will enjoy having a cat share her home again, and I’m interested to see how it goes when the cat is here for longer than a day and Lily has to share my attention. She may love a kitten visiting, but it could be another story when she thinks one is here to stay.

I’m hoping not to become a ‘foster failure’ and fall in love with my foster and end up adopting him/her. More on that to come this December!