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Keep your cat safe from this common winter danger


Last night the temperatures dipped and my foster cat Peyton climbed up to the head of the bed to burrow under the covers with me. Peyton slept there all night, curled tightly into my chest. In fact, she’s still under them as I write this. (See the picture to the right.)

cat hiding under a blanket

Peyton has only come out today to eat and use the litter box.

Not only is Peyton’s attempt to stay warm irresistibly adorable, but she reminded me that it’s the time of year when animals everywhere start looking to stay warm as well. For indoor-only cats (like mine), this just means getting cuddlier with each other and vying for the best comfy spot by the heater. But for feral cats or cats that spend time outside, this can be a serious problem.

In addition to the dangers of hypothermia and antifreeze poisoning, every year around October I see a few stories about cats who get trapped in car engines. This happens when cats search out somewhere warm and dry. Unfortunately, some don’t wake up or get out before the car starts, trapping and — sometimes — killing them. (Read about a cat that survived a two-mile ride in a car engine.)

So, this year, Peyton and I are being proactive. Please help us spread the word about cats and car engines by sharing this Facebook flyer. Then learn more about:

Bang on your hood to save a life!

Share this flyer to keep cats safe!

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