Here’s What You Said: Dogs vs. cats survey results are in

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Some folks are dog people. Others prefer cats. Where do you stand? That’s what we asked in our September survey. Although our survey was not scientific, we thought you’d be interested in the results: 36% replied that you favor dogs, while 14% voted for cats. Most of you couldn’t be pinned down when it comes to pets: 49% love both and 39% of you have cats and dogs now. If you’re mathematically inclined and wonder about that missing 1% — those are the respondents who prefer other species of pets.

cat and dog

Cats or dogs? That was the question.

The survey went on to ask why you picked your favorite pet species. Here are some of your comments:

In the dog den

  •  They make me laugh! Just so smart, beautiful, loveable, loyal and fun! Penny H.
  • I love the joy, curiosity, excitement, etc. that a dog displays and the happiness that brings to me. I also enjoy playing with dogs and walking them. Plus no matter how bad your day might be, a dog is always happy to see you that it’s hard to stay in a bad mood! Joanne T.
  • Who can resist the devotion a dog gives. Kym S.
  • I love having an animal who wants to be with me, and is pleased to see me when I get home! And dogs have such lovely eyes. Jessica J.
  • I love dogs for many reasons but what comes to mind first is the loyalty that dogs have to their families/owners. It’s amazing to me that dogs love us no matter what. We’ve all heard the quote “dog’s are a man’s best friend” but I believe that’s an understatement. Amanda H.
  • I love being able to take my dogs places. Cats are less happy doing so. Kristin G.

dogs vs. catsIn the cat camp

  • Cats are so loving and always make me feel in a better mood when I’m around them. No matter how bad the day has been they are always ready to curl up in your lap. Bob T.
  • As I get older, it’s just easier to take care of cats. Deborah E.
  • Cats are independent, quiet, introspective, clean, and they smell great! Ellen H.
  • Dogs are too needy for my taste. Cats love snuggles and lap time but are content when left alone for the day. They also use a litter box and don’t have to be “walked” several times a day. Jill S.
  •  Cats are cool, they love you unconditionally but on their own terms. You just have to accept that, and they will be your constant companions. Sandi D.
  •  I choose cats as my favorite because they have such distinct per(purr)sonalities. They can be grumpy (in fact, two of my four are very grumpy most of the time), or they can be cuddly (I have a new black kitten who loves rubbing his snot and drool all over the faces of people he likes), or they can even be scaredy-cats (my second newest cat gets terrified and does this cat version of screaming almost any time a cat other than the new kitten gets near her. And she runs any time a human who isn’t me gets near her). I know that all animals have personalities, but they just seem most obvious in cats. Kaitlin R.

And a sampling of what those of you who answered, “Do I have to choose; I love both!”

  • Each species has its own unique characteristics. A dog shows his affection freely while a cat is more subtle. Dogs are love in flashy bright colors, cats are love in pastels. Emily D.
  • Total unconditional love!!! Doesn’t matter what I look like, if the house needs dusting or if I make a complete disaster of dinner, they ALL love no matter what and are the BEST listeners!!! And, they will always play and let me be a kid again anytime I want, even at 50 yrs old!! (me, not them). Denise B.
  • I love all animals. It is not a matter of what pet is best. It is just that they all bring love, acceptance and happiness into our lives.The world would be a very sad, miserable place were it not for animals. Humans MUST make sure we keep them all safe! Merryl G.
  • I love them both, what more is there to say? Sally S.

And, indeed, what more can we say?  We love all pets. Over 167,000 cats, over 189,000 dogs and more than 14,000 animals of other species are listed on Petfinder on any given day.  Share your favorite adoptable pet profiles with your friends. Help make a difference!