Here are your top five pet dates

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When my boyfriend and I first started dating, he surprised me by suggesting a date to go the shelter and socialize cats. It was an awesome date: we loved helping the animals, we were both swayed by seeing each other play with kittens, whenever there was an awkward silence we could talk about the animals and (very important in an expensive city) it was cheap!

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We’ve written before about why dogs make the best Valentine’s dates but I was curious about human dates centered around pets. We asked our Facebook fans and you responded!

Check out our five favorites below and then read our staff suggestions for more great pet-centered dates!

Top Five Pet-Centered Dates

  1. Dog Park Date: “My husband and I live in Ithaca, New York where there is a beautiful dog park near the marina. We sneak beers in and do happy hour there on Fridays sometimes. We love, love it.” –Jen C.
  2. Hiking Date: “The first date my boyfriend and I went on was hiking in a state park with our dogs. The dogs had a great time  and love each other, and we had a great time and are so in love.” –Bridget C.
  3. Lakeside Date: “We take the dogs swimming at the lake and bring a camp stove along to make hot chocolate.” –Jessa M.
  4. Baseball Date: “Pup night at PNC park in Pittsburgh,PA.” — Shari S.
  5. Ferret Playground Date: “I had an albino ferret and that ferret loved to go down the slide, and she would only come to me till she met him.” –Christina S.


Five Petfinder Staff Suggestions

  1. Volunteer: Talk to your local shelter about volunteering as a couple. If there are any pups who need to be walked together, you’ll be perfect!
  2. Explore: If you have a dog, grab a collapsible bowl and explore farmers markets, outdoor cafes and neighborhood trails. You’ll have an extra hand for the dog if either of you needs to jump inside.
  3. Enrich: Put together a cat fort (Watch our Cat Fort video for ideas), new bird toy, better rabbit hutch or other enrichment for your indoor pet. You’ll feel great having completed a project together.
  4. Collect: Check out our Seven Surprising Ways to Donate to Your Local Shelter, then work together on a collection drive. If you’re a new couple, it’s a great way to meet each other’s friends. 
  5. Meet and greet: If your pets are well-behaved and seem compatible, coordinate a low-stress introduction. You’ll be all set for future play dates.


Tell us: If you’ll be celebrating Sweetest Day, do you plan to include your pet in your special date?