Help shelters and rescues recover from Hurricane Sandy

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Remnants of Hurricane Sandy continue to cause strong winds and rain in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and will begin to swing northward into western New York State today.  Many people on the east coast are still displaced, and our Petfinder member shelters and adoption groups continue to report in to us as they can.

Dancer needed to evacuate!

Contact your local shelters and rescue groups to see if they need volunteers or donations. Even shelters that had no damage but had power failures may have lost vital medical supplies that must be replaced. Shelters who safely evacuated and then returned to damage-free shelters nonetheless may have incurred high costs while safely shifting pets.

Remember to take  your pets with you if you ever need to leave home in a weather emergency. A list of pet-friendly evacuation shelters, broken down by state and county, has been published on to assist while communities recover from Hurricane Sandy.

To reach out to assist a shelter or rescue group listed below, please click on the name of the organization. You will be taken to their Petfinder homepage which contains their contact information. Please help if you can!

Check out the groups who need help!


  • Lucky Cat Rescue  captured a number of feral cats before the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, to protect them from the storm. They need funds to help spay/neuter the cats and homes to place their existing adoptable pets as well as the new kittens they have rescued.

New Jersey:

  • Alley Cat Allies  (ACA) is monitoring the welfare of the Atlantic City Boardwalk cats. These feral cats have been spay/neutered, vaccinated, and cared for daily, to lower the overall population of cats on the boardwalk. ACA reports that many cats have already returned to their colonies after the devastating weather. Two have been captured for veterinary care. ACA is looking for volunteers to help monitor and assist the cats. If you live in or near Atlantic City and want to help, please contact ACA at or 240-482-1980, ext. 330. ACA would also like to hear from any feral cat caretakers who need assistance after the hurricane.
  • Abandoned Angels Rescue took 12 additional pets into their program from flooded areas and would appreciate donations for food and supplies to care for them.
  • All About Animals NJ  lost cat food, dog food and cat litter to flooding. Due to power outages, they also lost vaccines and testing supplies.  Donations to replace these are appreciated.
  • Animal Rescue R Us  lost crates, bedding, food and supplies due to flooding. Please contact them to learn their current needs.
  • Beacon Animal Rescue  evacuated their pets from the storm. The water has receded and power has been restored, so they have been safely returned.
  • Cape-Atlantic Citizens Altering the Strays (C.A.T.S). experienced flood damage to their thrift shop. Their kitten and cat rooms were inundated with water, mud and seaweed.  The cats and kittens have lost their cat trees and scratchers. All of the cats are safe in the second floor of their building, but donations will be needed to refurbish their facilities.
  • Passaic Animal Shelter lost power during the storm. Vaccines and supplies that require refrigeration were lost.

New York:

  • Horton’s Home, a very small cat rescue in Amityville, NY, was forced to evacuate. They are now sheltering in an office with three rescue cats and two pet cats The group also supports a colony of 5 other cats, but they are unable to check them in the flood.  Any help would be appreciated.
  • New York City Animal Care and Control reports that their Manhattan and Brooklyn shelters did not flood. The Staten Island Center, Bronx, and Queens shelters are closed at this time. They ask that you check their web page and Facebook for their most recent updates.


  • Barn Cat Buddies  is expanding their network of outdoor cat shelters to provide warm, safe hiding places for spay/neutered feral cats in storms like Hurricane Sandy. They need to purchase a large number of Rubbermaid-type tubs, sheet insulation and straw to be prepared for future storms.