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Happy Tail: This dog turned her mom into an advocate


Many people have good intentions when they add pets to their families, but fail to do the things that will ensure the pets have forever homes with them. One such family failed to get their dog spayed and then abandoned her when she became pregnant.

Stella's happy tail

Read this happy tail story about Stella in Elizabeth’s own words.

Fortunately, Pet Matchmaker Rescue in Bakersfield, CA, took the pregnant dog in and placed her in foster care until the pups were born. Once the pups reached eight weeks old Mom and pups alike were listed on Petfinder for adoption.

Elizabeth Osborne wasn’t really looking for a dog right then, but when she saw Stella, one of the pups, on Petfinder and read her story, the Oakland, CA, woman’s half-hearted browsing came to a stop. A bit of magic had happened, and she had found the dog for her.

She contacted the shelter and applied to adopt the pup.

“It’s a good thing for my landlord that all of the other puppies and the mother were adopted as well or I might have had to bring them home, too!” she says.

The wonderful experience of adopting Stella, who is, Elizabeth says, “an amazing dog,” has made her a strong advocate for rescues. She is grateful to Petfinder for helping find her perfect pet.

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