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Happy Tail: Motorcycle-riding Maltese mix rides home


Sandy and Tom Uhl from Rocky Ford, CO, have a 16-year-old Maltese and wanted to bring a younger dog into the family. They began looking on Petfinder and saw Effie, who was listed by Pets Miracle Network , which was located about five hours away in Kansas.

Maltese on motorcycle

Read Toto’s story in Sandy’s words.

Nevertheless, once the couple was approved to adopt, they set out. High winds and storms assailed them as they made their way eastward, but they were determined nothing was going to stand in the way of bringing this little Maltese/Chihuahua mix home. In memory of the wind-wracked trip, they renamed the pooch Toto, like the dog in “The Wizard of Oz” who was also a Kansan. Once in her new home, Toto settled right in and “adapted well with our other dog and two cats,” says Sandy. “They all have their own beds, so when we purchased Toto’s bed, she rolled and dug and jumped in and out … She was so excited to have her own bed.” The Uhls have motorcycles, and the dogs ride in a crate made just for motorcycles to keep them safe on their adventures. Both dogs love going on rides and are outfitted with Doggles, goggles for dogs. Toto’s are “pink cause she’s our girly-girl,” says Sandy. Toto’s not in Kansas any more, but in a loving forever home.

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