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Happy Tail: Last day for Siberian Husky turns into a wealth of tomorrows


“Tomorrow is her last day.” Those words spoken by a person at Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter galvanized Jordan Vaughn of Atlanta, GA, into action.

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Read this happy tail about Luna in Jordan’s own words

She had called to find out more about the Siberian Husky she had seen on Petfinder, but now she knew she couldn’t hesitate if this dog was to be their new family member. Jordan immediately called her husband, David, and explained the situation.

“Of course, he was caught off guard,” she says, “and just kept saying that he wasn’t sure if we were ready for a dog and he really wanted to meet her first before I just went and got her.”

The problem was their schedules just didn’t mesh for a shelter visit because David had to go out of town on business — and the clock was ticking.

Finally, they agreed that his wife should go to the shelter in Lavonia, GA, rescue the dog, and if it didn’t work out, they would find her another home. On her arrival at the shelter, Jordan remembers her first impression. The dog “was outside in a pen with a few other dogs, covered in red clay, and nearly skin and bones.”

The Vaughns have a cat, so Jordan asked the shelter folks to do a cat test. Although the cat hissed, the dog just ignored her.

“That was more than enough for me,” she says. She signed the papers, paid the adoption fee and headed for home. Several baths later, to remove that north Georgia clay, the dog, now named Luna, looked beautiful and was ready to meet her new “dad” when he arrived home the next morning.

Luna is now the light of their lives. “She has learned how to play with toys (something she was not very good at before), and is still figuring out other dogs,” Jordan says. “She and her feline brother, Boris, are now best friends.”

She has bonded in a big way and likes to be near her pack. “She follows us from room to room and waits for us by the door when we are gone,” Jordan says.

Luna’s last day turned into a wealth of tomorrows.

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