Happy Halloweenie from the Dachshund who hates clothes!


Everything I read about Dachshunds before deciding on the breed said that they were clowns and would do almost anything for a laugh. This included wearing costumes. So of course, when I adopted my Dachshund, Lily, I assumed she would also love wearing clothes. Clearly I was wrong!

Lily in costume

The one and only picture of Lily in costume

Lily cannot stand wearing any sort of clothes. She even tried to chew off her harness as a puppy and got her mouth stuck in it. All I wanted was for Lily to dress up for Halloween. In 2008, my former roommate bought Lily a devil costume and it was perfect.

Miraculously we were able to put the costume on Lily and she left it on for a split second, which was long enough for me to get an adorable picture of her. Of course she knocked the horns and ripped the cape off immediately after the picture, but I had what I wanted. This is forever Lily’s Halloween picture.

Happy Halloweenie!!