Facing the Frankenstorm: A staffer rides out Hurricane Sandy in NYC

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I’m writing this from my New York City apartment as Hurricane Sandy — a.k.a. the Frankenstorm — looms over the East coast. My cat Kura (pictured) has already grown tired of the gusts of wind blowing around the fig tree outside my window. She’s back to ignoring the outside world and napping next to me. Several other Petfinder staffers are in the area as well — all safe so far — but we’re all pitching in to spread the word about pet safety during hurricanes. Our Shelter Outreach team is busy checking in with our member shelters and rescue groups in the affected areas. (Keep an eye out for a post later today with an update about affected members.)

cat watching frankenstrom

Kura was startled by a gust of wind and looked to me for comfort.

I’m lucky, I’m not one of the 375,000 New Yorkers in the mandatory evacuation zone. Even so, Kura, my foster cat Peyton and I are ready. We have our cat and human disaster kit, our cat carriers out and I’ve already confirmed that my local evacuation shelter will accept me and my animals. A few years ago I even got certified in pet first aid and CPR, just in case.

However, even with all my prep work, I realized this morning that I don’t have one vital piece — vet records. Ugh. I moved earlier this year and haven’t unpacked them yet. I guess it goes to show that you can never prep too much.

Whether you’re currently feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy or not, please check out our Pets in Disasters page for information about keeping you and your pets safe. You can also share our infographic (below) to help others stay safe.

Hurricane Sandy Pet Preparedness

Please share this infographic to help keep pets safe.

Kura and I will keep an eye on Hurricane Sandy and, as long as we don’t lose power or have to evacuate, we’ll keep you updated.

Please be safe. Now I’m off to find my vet records…

Tell us: Are you riding out Hurricane Sandy or evacuating with your pets? Post a picture of your pet watching the storm to our Facebook wall and we might share it later this week.