A trained dog is a happy (and more adoptable) dog!

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When I adopted my dog Rain from The Humane Society of Southern Arizona she had very little training. In fact, sit was about the only command she knew. During those first several months after bringing her home I worked with her diligently teaching her the basics like stay, down, come, walking well on a leash, etc. If only the Train to Adopt Program existed then she would have already known most of these basics and I could have spent that time working with her on more advanced training.

That’s Rain on the right exhibiting her excellent sit skills

The Train to Adopt program, developed by Sue Sternberg, is an amazing program that improves the behavior and mental health of homeless dogs and increases their chances of getting adopted. The Petfinder Foundation has partnered with PETCO to bring this program to shelter dogs all across the US helping them find there forever homes!

During the Train to Adopt program, PETCO will be providing shelter partners with dog trainers certified in PETCO Positive Dog Training to teach shelter staff and volunteers how to train the dogs using the following three basic skills that help the animal to make a successful transition to a new life in an adoptive home:

This year’s Train to Adopt participants include Escondido Humane Society, San Diego, CA; Regional Animal Services of King County, Seattle, WA; Humane Society of South Platte Valley, Denver, CO; Orange County Animal Services, Orlando, FL; PAWS Chicago, Chicago, IL; Forever Paws, Fall River, MA; and The Sanctuary of Haafsville, Allentown, PA. Lisa Robinson, Executive Director of the Petfinder Foundation, estimates that more than 1,000 dogs will receive training from the shelters selected in 2012.

In 2013 the program will be rolled out to a larger group of shelters so that we can help even more dogs! Maybe your next adopted dog will have been trained using the Train to Adopt methods so that you can spend more time enjoying your new furry friend and less time working on the basics!

To learn more about the Petfinder Foundation or to donate, please visit www.petfinderfoundation.com.