A loyal Husky sets off in search of his “dad”

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Can a dog track a person who is in a car? If you’ve ever wondered about that, a story on myfoxnews.com by reporter Adrienne Supino may put your question to rest.

adoptable white Husky

This Husky, Avalanche, is available for adoption at A Pathway to Hope in NJ.

A seven-year-old Husky named Zander became depressed after his “dad,” John Dolan, was hospitalized in Bay Shore, NY. Rather than just mope, the pooch took things into his own paws, broke out of his house and found his way to the hospital, over two miles away.

The Dolans adopted the pooch five years ago from a shelter, and this story just goes to show what we already know: rescue pets are very loyal. After all, Mr. Dolan is Zander’s “dad, and as Mr. Dolan puts it, “He’s my boy.”

Watch the video below: