10 of the weirdest places cats sit caught on camera

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Petfinder staff talk about our pets … a lot. So it wasn’t a big surprise that my recent post about my cat Mojo’s sneaky suitcase sitting turned into a comparison of all the weird places Petfinder cats like to sit. Pretty soon cat-sitting-in-weird-place photos were showing up everywhere.

The conversation was so fun that we opened it up to our Facebook fans and asked everyone for photos of their cats sitting in odd places. Check out our 10 favorites from Facebook and our staff:

“This is Stitch. He has many weird places that he likes to sit/stand/sleep/lounge. Stitch’s favorite place to rest is inside shoes. This is him with all four feet stuffed inside my teenager’s sneaker. From this angle, he looks like a distinctly feline potted plant.” — Heather J.

Here’s my cat Mojo again… I couldn’t believe she managed to get her whole body in there and still have the tissue paper coming out.

“Jasmine Sassylashes sitting inside a Snapple case.” — Amanda, shelter outreach

My cat Toby always was a sucker for tiny boxes. It’s amazing he could contain all that fluff.

“Not so much a ‘strange’ place to sit … more the way he sits! He does this often and for hours. That’s our Sammy!” — Marianne F.

“Guinness sitting in a bowl watching some Animal Planet.” — Amanda, shelter outreach

“Fawn likes to sleep in net hammocks…” — Ciera M.

“Another of Cleo’s odd habits …” — Joy M.

“Jasmine Sassylashes sitting in our clothes hamper” — Amanda, shelter outreach

My Toby boy would do anything to just be near me — including burrowing underneath my work.

Bonus 11th photo (because we just love this cat’s expression)!
black and white cat looking at the camera from within a washing machine basket

“Harley… likes to hang out in the washing machine — Helen M.