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This Dachshund needs to lose some pounds


During Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week we celebrate pets who are less adoptable for many reasons: color, breed, size, even health issues such as weight. Here’s one overweight pup who found his forever home!

Obie is an overweight Dachshund who is inspiring other pets with his journey to lose weight. Obie’s Facebook page  says he weighed 77 pounds when he arrived at his new home with Nora Vanatta in Portland, OR.


Mary, an adoptable Dachshund at Canine Friends in NC, needs help losing weight, too.

Vanatta, who has a degree in animal science and worked for eight years as a veterinary technician, learned about his plight on Oregon Dachshund Rescue‘s Facebook page. When she read the pooch’s weight, she figured they had confused his breed. Maybe he was a Basset Hound. But no, he was indeed a really obese purebred Dachshund. She decided to adopt Obie and get him on a healthy diet. The goal is for Obie to drop about 40 pounds.

Diet restriction is the first stage of the program because Obie’s little legs won’t allow much exercise; it would be too much stress on his joints. According to Shine from Yahoo, Obie will be on a low-fat, high protein diet plan with hydrotherapy on the side. Maybe later he’ll graduate to some treadmill exercise.

Food as evidence of love is epidemic among Americans if the magazine and newspaper headlines are true. As I started to slip my German Shepherd, Tucker, the last bite of my veggie burger because his big eyes were pleading with me, I thought of Obie and had second thoughts. Tucker’s getting a little porky around the mid-section. I left the morsel on my own plate for, truth be told, I didn’t need it either. Super-sizing our dogs and ourselves is just plain wrong. Let’s learn something from Obie.

Are you looking for your own chubby pet you can help slim down? There are a few overweight loveable less-adoptable pets in our Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week Gallery who might be perfect!

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