The five worst ways to say, “your litter box smells”


Confession: I have a terrible sense of smell. I have most of my life.

litter box smells


An unexpected side effect to my under-performing olfactory system is that I’m extra vigilant about keeping my cat’s litter boxes clean. Tactics for reducing litter box odor are my best friends, honest. I even go so far as regularly asking visitors to tell me if they smell “cat.” (And I hope against hope that they tell me the truth.)

But many proud cat parents get a little miffed if someone suggests their home smells like a litter box. (Can we really blame them?) So, for fun, I recently asked our Facebook fans for the worst ways someone could say, “your litter box smells.” Check out our favorite suggestions below, and remember, don’t try these at home!

The Five Worst Ways to Say, “Your Litter Box Smells:”

  1. “[Your house] reminds me of the ‘Smelly Cat Song’” — Nance C.
  2. “Oh! You have cats, I smell.” –- Diane R.
  3. “Do you have a mask before I enter?” – Al K.
  4. “Don’t bathe or wear deodorant. If they mention your smell, say, ‘Funny you should mention that…’” –- Joy C.
  5. “WOW, is Yankee Candle now offering ‘Hello Kitty’?” –- Joyce S.


Of course, having a cat does not mean any home has to smell like a litter box. Check out these Tips for Reducing Litter Box Odor to keep your cat seen, and not smelled, or get the whole kitten kaboodle in our Litter Box 101 section.

Tell us: How would you want someone to tell you if you needed to scoop more often?