Romeo’s heavy cat-cuteness wake up tactic


Hi friends! I’m Romeo the Cat and I’m a known genius when it comes to waking up my staff members in the morning so they can get out of bed and serve me BREAKFAST.

Romeo, a white and orange Persian cat

Breakfast is important to Romeo.

I’ll be sharing my strategies with you here each week so if you think YOU have it bad with your cats and dogs demanding crack-of-dawn wake ups….just wait until you see what my staff has to put up with!

Today, I did a Heavy Cat-Cuteness combo tactic on the female staff member, who was lying on her back. First, I walked up the length of her body and made sure to step squarely onto her belly….squish. Then, I settled myself onto her chest and made myself really, really heavy. Like a big furry meatloaf.

Then, I purred. And purred. And purred. And purred. And, seriously? How cute was I? I can’t imagine being able to resist me. But resist she did.

So I had to take things a step further (why does she always want to do it the hard way?) I shimmied up her chest just slightly so my whiskers were tickling her chin.

Then, I yawned so the whiskers moved around a bit and gotcha! Her eyes opened.

She looked at me and I silent meowed.  (She can’t resist the silent meow.) She sighed, shook her head, gently removed me from her chest and we went downstairs.


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