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Lost-Pet Reunions: Two dogs had a day on the town!


Here’s another great lost-dog reunion story from our partner HomeAgain. You can help lost pets get home again: Sign up to receive lost pet alerts when a dog or cat goes missing in your area.

Abbie and Molly go on an adventure — by Amanda in Midvale, UT


blong lab and black and white dog on a pillow

Abbie and Molly had quite a day!

One random Friday, I returned to my office from a meeting to see my cell phone blinking that it had a message. Casually, I dialed into my voicemail to hear a message from our local animal shelter. It seems both of our dogs, Abbie and Molly, were at the animal shelter waiting to be picked up.My heart was in my throat as I returned the call. I talked to the animal service officer who relayed the story of our dogs’ day.

Apparently, Abbie and Molly had tunneled out of our fenced yard and taken themselves on an adventure. The dogs walked about a mile away from our house and were found running in and out of traffic in a five-lane street. A very kind lady stopped to help our little dog girls. When she tried to contact us, the only number on the collars had been disconnected (we transitioned to only cell phones recently). Without the ability to contact me, the kind lady took our girls to the local animal shelter. At the animal shelter, the officers noticed that Abbie and Molly had HomeAgain tags on their collars. An officer scanned Abbie’s and Molly’s microchips to determine how to get them home.

After hearing this story, I was so grateful that we had signed up with HomeAgain. Without HomeAgain, we wouldn’t have found out they had escaped and may have even lost our girls. HomeAgain ensured Abbie and Molly came home to their family.

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Want to have a nationwide network of 650,000+ PetRescuers keeping an eye out for your pet if he or she gets lost? Register [“REGISTER” HAD A LINK TO WHICH DOES NOT WORK. HOW SHOULD IT BE REPLACED?] your chip with HomeAgain and you’ll get that plus many other unbeatable benefits.

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