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Lost-Pet Reunions: Marley escaped through the garage


Here’s another great lost-dog reunion story from our partner HomeAgain. You can help lost pets get home again: Sign up to receive lost pet alerts when a dog or cat goes missing in your area.

Marley got through the garage — by Elizabeth in Winchester, CA

Marley smiles at the camera

Marley scared his parents when he ran off through an open garage door.

We adopted Marley on July 1, 2012. The evening of July 4, Marley ran away when my husband opened the garage door to get something from his truck. It happened in less than two minutes. We searched for her until dark. We were heartbroken!

The next morning I called HomeAgain to have all her info transferred to our name from the previous owner’s name. Within an hour I got a phone call from the local shelter. When her microchip was scanned, our info popped up right away! She had been turned in the night before! I had thought we would never see her again.

* * *

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