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Happy Tail: An adopted Australian Cattle Dog mix encourages two more adoptions


Not everyone has the ideal place for an Australian Cattle Dog. These dogs are herders, and many of them like to have a territory and a job. Artist Kat Butler of Waterloo, IN, has the perfect place for such a dog — 43 acres where she offers equine services and creates sculptures in wood with a chainsaw.


Read Sugar Baby’s happy ending story in Kat’s own words.

She wanted another dog to keep her Blue Heeler Australian Cattle Dog, Ka No Ki, company, so she began looking on Petfinder. She saw Sugar Baby on DeKalb Humane Society‘s listings. The shelter was not far from her place.

The moment Kat met Sugar Baby, she seemed like the answer to Kat’s prayers for the right dog. “I called her and asked her to sit and shake and she did!” She can’t help but wonder who would have given up such a wonderful dog.

Sugar Baby is a mix, but Kat says she’s mostly Australian Cattle Dog, in this case considered a Red Heeler, based on her color.

The pooch, who Kat estimates to be six or seven years old, earns her keep. Once she chased off an intruder who was attempting to steal a mower from the barn. She also patrols the garden, looking for raccoons that make stealthy raids.

After meeting Sugar Baby, Kat’s son-in-law decided he wanted an Australian Cattle Dog, too, so they contacted the shelter and another dog found a home. Once he adopted his first dog, he enjoyed the experience so much that he adopted a Rottweiler as well. Two dogs, who otherwise might have been overlooked, have found homes, thanks to Sugar Baby. Adopted dogs often pass their good fortune forward in this way, becoming “spokesdogs” for homeless pets.

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