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Happy Tails: Three legs offer no limitations to either of these cats


An injured cat was brought to Holly’s Hope Cat Rescue in London, ON, and someone had even “reserved” the pretty Siamese for adoption. But that changed when the family learned that one of  her back legs would have to be amputated. Now the future didn’t look so promising for the “imperfect” cat. Who would want to adopt a three-legged cat?

As it turned out, that’s just the cat Jenna McNamee of Oshawa, ON, was looking for, though she didn’t know it at the time. She wanted a friend for her cat, Trinity, who had appeared on her front porch with a badly dislocated and fractured leg. Trinity’s front leg had to be amputated, but Jenna soon learned that it didn’t slow Trinity down.

She began looking on Petfinder, but none of the listings grabbed her until she saw the three-legged cat, now named Cherity, at Holly’s Hope. She knew at once this was the cat for her. “We thought they’d be a great match as this would be their ‘normal,’ but more importantly, we knew that having three legs most certainly wasn’t a limitation.”

The two cats are inseparable, she says. “”It’s funny that we had originally wanted a pair of cats that were so bonded that they had to be adopted together, because that’s what we have now. They sleep together, eat together, groom each other constantly and are running around and playing with each other all the time.”

Their missing legs haven’t slowed these two down, and Jenna hopes other people will realize that often overlooked companion animals make great pets, maybe the best.

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