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Happy Tail: This Maltese loves her daddy


Mike Kennerty plays rhythm guitar in The All-American Rejects (AAR). Here he shares how he adopted his second dog, Donut. (Enter our All-American Rejects Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month sweepstakes here.)

A few years ago, my girlfriend Skye and I got our first pup, a Yorkie we named Reeses. After a while we felt like she could use some like-specied company, so we decided to find her a sister. This time, though, we felt like it would be nice to give a dog in need a better home, so we went to Petfinder.

White Maltese Dog looks at the camera

Donut went from a life of neglect to being family to rock stars.

We came across the listing of the Maltese Rescue of OKC and decided to visit some of the dogs they had up for adoption.  Among the many cute dogs they were caring for was one named Lucy Lou who seemed to take to us pretty immediately. And if there was one thing we knew, it’s that they pick you, not the other way around.

Lucy was around seven years old and had been rescued from a neglectful home.  She had suffered through a long list of heartbreaking ailments, but was fighting her way back to full health.  She was scruffy, as her coat was still showing the effects of malnourishment, but she was still incredibly cute and infectiously personable. We rechristened her Donut (Skye and I enjoy a lot of good bad food, if you couldn’t tell) and took her home with us.

It’s been a couple couple of years since and we all couldn’t be happier! Donut has a clean bill of health, and though there’s a significant age and speed difference, she and Reeses get along and play great together. It feels like a family, and Donut seems truly happy. She really loves sitting in Skye’s arms like a baby would. I’m happy there’s a service like Petfinder that can bring together a pet in need with people who want to give them a good life and home.

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