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Happy Tail: Quinn is a Pit Bull poster girl


Quinn looked despondent. The black and white Pit Bull lay in her cage at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) in Encinitis, CA and watched a parade of potential adopters pass by her. Not only was Quinn a Pit Bull, a great breed with a lot of bad press, but she was also mostly black, another strike against her. celebrates Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week, September 17 – 23, to lend a hand to animals like Quinn — unpopular breeds, special needs pets, black pets, and any others who wait awhile for adoption. But for Quinn, her lucky day came before her special week.

Meghan Smith and her boyfriend of San Marcos, CA., were looking for a dog to adopt. When they learned that RCHS was having a $15 adoption deal, they were interested.

“We had looked on Petfinder to get an idea of what we wanted but still were not sure,” Meghan says, so the couple went to meet the dogs in person. “We were a bit overwhelmed by how many dogs were there.”

They passed by Quinn a few times, but didn’t notice her. Then it happened. “I do not know what drew me to her,” Meghan says, “but as we were going in to look at another dog, I stopped. She just looked so sad, lying there.”

Meghan put her hand to the gate, and Quinn licked her hand lightly. Then Quinn “stuck her paw into my fingers through the bars, and that was it,” Meghan says. “My heart was stolen from that moment.”

Quinn “has turned out to be the best fifteen-dollar decision I have ever made,” she says. “She is the kindest, most loving, happy dog you could ever meet.” She adds that Quinn “is the poster child for changing people’s stigmas.”

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