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Happy Tail: An adopted Pug eases a family’s heartache


Pugs are popular, so it was no wonder that after being at the Animal Welfare Association, Voorhees, NJ, for only two days Lacey was on her way to a new home. “They hadn’t even put a description about her onto their website before we were on our way to meet her,” says Andreina DeSousa, Washington, NJ.

Lacey takes a nap

Read Lacey’s adoption story in Andreina’s own words.

The past weeks had been hard on the family. Andreina, her mom and dad and her two older brothers were missing their beloved Pug, Emma, who had recently passed away. Their other dog, Rex, was grieving as well. They knew they couldn’t replace Emma but thought adopting another dog would help them heal.

Things hadn’t been easy for Lacey either. “She was surrendered by her previous owners in terrible health conditions … from being underweight to having fleas, to having patches of fur missing all over her body and the list goes on,” Andreina says. “We are also almost positive that she had been physically abused by her previous owners. She was just extremely fragile in general.”

Since Lacey has been with the DeSousas, she has gained four pounds and has been all cleaned up. “We’ve given her a bath, which she didn’t mind at all, but she absolutely hates anyone touching or going anywhere near her nails,” Andreina says. “We realized that the hard way when we tried cutting them, and it seemed as if we had a 100-pound dog on our hands.”

Lacey has acclimated well. She “thinks our house is some kind of spa or something because all she wants all day is to be rubbed on her legs and belly. Whenever you go near her she dramatically throws herself back, making herself ready to be petted and played with, which of course we always give in to,” Andreina says. Rex and Lacey aren’t cuddling yet, but they’ve definitely accepted each other.

Lacey has been a soothing balm to the heartache of losing their Emma.

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