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Vet-trip sagas: Find out how your cat compares


Cats have a reputation for being low-maintenance pets. And, in many ways they are. But cats are also good at hiding illness or pain and even the most doting cat parent can miss signs that there’s a problem so it’s important to visit your vet regularly. (Learn seven subtle signs your cat may be sick.) In fact, this week is Take Your Cat to the Vet Week so there is no better time than now to schedule your appointment.

Take Your Cat to the Vet Week


I take my boys Romeo and Pugsley in once a year for routine check ups, but we are there a lot more often than that. I’m the type of cat mama who thinks any unusual behavior is a sign of something more serious so — much to my boys’ chagrin — we’re at the vet every few months.

Bringing them in so often got me wondering about other people’s experiences with the V-E-T so I did a little survey on Romeo’s Twitter account to learn more. You’ll be happy to know that you’re not alone if your cat is not thrilled about visiting the vet. Here is what people said:

Cat Carrier vs. Cat

  • 56% of respondents said their cats “vanish” when the cat carrier comes out.
  • 25% answered that their cats just gave them the “stink eye” but allow their owners to put them in the carrier.
  • And, a lucky 8% of cat owners have cats that just hop right on in the carrier.
  • Ironically, 76% of people who answered said once they’re at the vet, their cat does not want to get out of the carrier! I guess they figure it’s the lesser of two evils at that point!

(Get tips to make your cat love his carrier here.)

Noisy Car Rides

  • 54% of respondents said their cat “yeowls” the entire way to the vet.
  • Another 38% said their cat simply meows during the trip.

(Find out how to make your cat like the car.)

Sweet Talkin’ Vets

  • 48% of cats are called “handsome” by the vet staff.
  • Other cats are called: beautiful, baby, lover boy, sweet thing, buddy and some — not surprisingly — demon cat.

(Learn how to keep your cat calm at the vet.)

But, despite the fact that most cats just don’t like the vet, we have to get them there regularly. So check out the resources above and get those kitties to the vet! At least you can be glad you cat’s not like my friend Kristin’s cat Cokie who told me, “The first time we realized we had a vet problem was about six years ago when we took him to a new vet for a lion cut. We were in the waiting room and heard the most God-awful screeching and howling — like a wild animal trying to scare something to death. We all looked around saying, ‘I’m glad that’s not my cat!’ Then the vet came out — with my cat.”

Tell us: Do you have a funny vet story? Tell us below!

Caroline Golon is “staff” to two rascally Persian cats, Romeo and Pugsley. Read more about Caroline’s life with cats at and

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