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Happy Tail: Beya proves that it pays to keep on trying


Little dogs like Beya don’t have much trouble getting adopted. For potential adopters there can be disappointment when they spot a little pooch but are told the dog has already found a new home. Still, often the wait can lead to a happy ending.


Read Beya’s happy ending story in Michele’s own words.

Michelle Kuklla of Jupiter, FL, had lost her beloved schnauzer, Kristy, to cancer. She knew she wanted to adopt another dog, so she began searching on Petfinder. She found several she was interested in and contacted the shelters that had posted them. With small dogs, time is of the essence and, in each case, Michele “got beat out by another family.”

Then she saw Beya and any disappointment over missing the others disappeared. “Her big brown eyes captivated my heart, so I submitted my application for adoption.”

Unfortunately, the Chesed Dog and Cat Rescue that had listed Beya on Petfinder had disappointing news once again. The staff told Michele that the dog’s original family had decided to keep her; she was no longer available for adoption.

Michele’s first reaction was acceptance. “I wanted to give up but decided to stop what I was doing at work and say a prayer,” she says.

A few hours later Michele received a call from the rescue group. The couple had changed their minds again, and it was simply a matter of driving to Coral Springs to pick Beya up.

“I flew down the highway and burst into tears when I saw her,” Michele says. She has never looked back. People stop them on the street to remark on what a beautiful dog she is, and that gives her proud “mom” a chance to tell people about Petfinder and how they too can find a dog to adopt.

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