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Happy Tail: An adopted dog helps a woman through a tough time


Sometimes something good comes out of chaos. Donna Marquardt of West Point, VA, will attest to it. In October 2011, her marriage of 26 years came unraveled, and she had to find a new place to live, daunting in the best of times. One day on her lunch break she was browsing on the Internet and stumbled onto Petfinder.


Read Bella’s story in Donna Marquardt’s own words.

There, Donna found herself looking at a 4-month-old fuzzball of a dog named Bella whose eyes just drew her in.

For her, something magic happened, and she went to the Regional Animal Shelter in King William, VA, that very afternoon to meet the little pooch. She filled out an application to adopt her, and within days, it had been approved.

“I feel like we both needed each other, and we are both starting on this new journey together,” Donna says. “She is an awesome companion. She gets along well with my son’s dog, and they are the best of friends.”

Donna’s new home is a townhouse, so Bella’s quiet personality has
served them both well. “She’s also smart and always seems to know
exactly what I am saying to her,” her proud “mom” says. “She is my best
friend, and I love her so much. I can’t imagine my life without her in

Bella has helped Donna through a tough time in her life — and, of
course, for Bella, finding a forever home is the best of all possible


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