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Happy Tail: A Snowshoe cat’s adoption is a rags to riches story


It didn’t seem quite right to Patti Cecchino to adopt another pet so soon after the death of the family’s beloved Snowshoe cat. Nevertheless, the house felt very empty without her, so the Valencia, CA, woman began browsing on the web to see if there was a Snowshoe cat rescue in her area.

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Read Molly’s story in her new “mom” Patti Cecchino’s own words.

“Petfinder popped up, and we found Molly, a three-year-old Snowshoe,” she says. Molly and her kittens had been roaming the streets before she was taken in by A Cat’s Tale in Hawthorne, CA. She was spayed, microchipped and placed in a foster home.

Her kittens were soon adopted, but Molly remained unchosen for six months. Sharing her foster home with several other cats was difficult, according to her foster mom, Caryn W. — she needed to be in a one-cat family.

Patti inquired about Molly and expressed her reservations about adopting so soon. “Caryn sent me a little poem about the death of a pet and honoring that pet by giving another stray a place in your heart and home,” Patti says. The piece made her cry but reassured her enough to adopt Molly.

The Cecchinos are pleased that they made the decision to adopt Molly. “She seems to enjoy our company,” Patti says, “comes whenever we call her or come into a room, but enjoys her own space, too … She also enjoys hanging out on the patio with us while we drink our morning coffee, garden or swim. She lies in the sun and watches the birds and butterflies go by.”

Though Molly looks similar to their late kitty, she has her own personality, Patti says. “It has really lifted our spirits to have another beautiful fuzzy face to greet us each day.”

Molly’s foster mom calls Molly’s story a classic rags to riches story, ” … from living on the streets, having babies, to the orphanage where she was picked on [by the other cats], and now the good life with her own territory, shelter and love.” It has been a healing experience for the Cecchinos and for Molly.

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