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Happy Tail: A dream cat is found … ten years later


Ten years ago, in a dream, a huge fuzzy cat stared at Aileen Rabagliati. She wasn’t sure where she was, but she sensed that it was an apartment of her own. She asked the cat who he was, and he replied, “I’m Steve, your cat.” It was one of those dreams that was so real that she told her parents and friends about it. They’ve had an inside joke about Steve the cat ever since.

Stevie keeps an eye on things

Read Aileen’s original tale about how Stevie captured her heart and even brought along a sister.

“Flash forward to now,” the Palatine, IL, woman says. She was about to move into her very own condo and, after watching shows on Animal Planet about how many pets need homes, she knew she wanted to adopt.

After that dream she had looked up cat breeds and “Steve” looked most like a Maine Coon. She logged onto and looked up male Maine Coon cats in Illinois.

“The number one cat that popped up on the search was a Maine Coon named Stevie. I was shocked!” she says. “I showed my Mom and she was shocked. We called the foster home that night.”

Stevie had become lost or had been abandoned by his former family during a snowstorm in Chicago. Fortunately some kind soul had realized he was not a feral cat and had taken him to Fur Keeps Animal Rescue in Barrington Hills, IL, and he was posted on Petfinder.

“The online picture didn’t do him justice,” Aileen says. She visited his foster home “and for the first time in 10 years I was staring face-to-face with my dream cat, “Steve.” I couldn’t believe it! He loves being brushed so I started brushing him and then he let me scratch his belly and then purring and ‘talking’ to me. It was instant; I knew I would adopt him.”

This was a dream come true for Aileen — and Stevie.

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